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Egyéni gyógytorna Pácienseink véleménye kezeléseinkről Anyone who has purchased a premium theme knows that there is an entire customer relationship involved. The whole experience includes everything from the quality of the theme to the documentation to the priority support, even the demos, etc.

And I experience both every time I use Total. Thank you, AJ! Every page layout on your site can be tweaked if you wish, and you can build templates for different sections or categories of your posts and pages for an easy start on a new post or page. The documentation pages are comprehensive and deserve a thorough read to allow you to better understand the possibilities.

As a side note, if you construct your WordPress in a sandbox like MAMP Pro you can create as many sites as you want without a need for a license for each one — a great way to test different designs.

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Eclectic-Scribe Rating: 5 Thank you. I love this theme. It is very easy to customise, and you really can build anything with it, which is why I am coming back to buy more licences.

The base theme itself is attractive, but the demo themes knock it out of the park for me, because they give inspiration AND a showcase for what you can do with the theme.

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I find the docs easy to follow as well. Thanks again WP Explorer. Fizza Amazing theme builder packed with fantastic features. Easy térdízületi ízületi tünetek és kezelési kód use.

Térdízületi ízületi tünetek és kezelési kód

The free templates built in look stunning. Made a great Eccommerce shop in a few hours using this, normally would spend days building the site.

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Sped up my workflow alot. The code is good, site is fast.

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Tried loads of theme builders that claim to do it all, this one a lábfej lábujjai ízületei and is by far the best out there.

Or at least not without knowing how to use php and other coding techniques. So far I have been very pleased with how it is working. I would also like to mention the excellent customer service that I received from AJ. I had a question about the theme, so I sent over asking what to do.

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Within an hour my question had been answered with included screenshots! I have never had such responsive and helpful support from other themes. Very glad I made the decision to purchase this template! Thanks again to the developers! Annetta Rating: 5 I was so frustrated over getting a theme and then struggling to customize every part of it due to lack of or unclear documentation.

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There were so many options available that I found myself a bit overwhelmed, Total is so well-documented, including videos, that I am able to successfully customize every aspect so far, down to the height of the menu bar when scrolling on mobile.

I was térdízületi ízületi tünetek és kezelési kód struggling with other themes that had so many flashy features thrown onto one page, because I realized as I was editing the templates that I did not need them all.

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Total provides structure to every theme that makes sense and is related to each theme focus and is not overdone. I also notice that Total looks more vibrant and sharp than ízületi plazmakezelés themes I looked at — it just stands out. That, coupled with the vast icon and typography choices, result in pages that are beautiful yet flow logically. Gwynnith1 Rating: 5 I recently purchased Total and refreshed the design of my website using the template.

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As an artist I am only limited time and budget, and I needed to have my website up and running with as little of my involvement as possible. AJ, Adrian and their marketing genius, have been very responsive and gerinc osteoarthritis drawer with their support, especially when I use their ticket support system, while I set up the website.

My website is not the best nor is it the end-all-be-all, but it works and looks much better than what I could have hacked with my basic knowledge of coding. Plus if you look through their support forum AJ and his team have provided quick and helpful responses where applicable, and you can somewhat gauge the customer support there as well.

Thank you Adrian and AJ for your time and support.

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I wish you guys continue to deliver and do well. NMarcello Rating: 5 Being a first time WordPress user I was able to build a website without any programming experience what so ever. The support team has always been polite, courteous and quick to respond to my questions no matter how basic they might be.